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PeraGage is skilled in managing ground water and ground engineering risks through the application of the latest geotechnical engineering technologies and approaches to investigating and resolving geotechnical problems.

Our widespread experience in design and analysing enable us to develop appropriate risk avoidance, acceptance or transference strategies.

Each project is managed by highly qualified professional engineers and geologists who ensure that investigations and designs are technically correct and optimised to suit the needs of clients and end users.

icons Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations

Foundation engineering including pile foundations, raft foundations and foundations on problem soils.

icons Lateral Support

Lateral support

Lateral support, basements and anchoring for slopes and structures.

icons Geotechnical Investigation


Geotechnical investigations and geological mapping.

icons Slope Assessment

Slope Stability

Slope engineering, risk assessment, stability analysis and design for rock and soil cuts or embankments.

icons Geomechanics


Advanced computational geomechanics including 2D and 3D finite element modeling.

icons Retaining Structures

Retaining Structures

Selection, design and optimisation; including reinforced concrete, block, MSE and patented wall systems.

icons Tunnels


Tunnels, underground spaces, soil-structure interaction and undermining design.

GeoHydrology Icon


Ground water supply and resource management aquifer management and geohydrological impact assessments.

icons Materials


Dams, earthworks, pavements and materials, locating and investigating quarries.

icons Dolomite


Investigations, risk assessment, management and rehabilitation design.

icons Ground Improvement

Soil Improvement

Soil improvement design incorporating geotextiles, dynamic compaction, soft soils, consolidation and reinforced rafts.

icons NHBRC

NHBRC Certification

NHBRC Certification, foundation design and GSFH-2 subsidy housing investigations.

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